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Begin demolition of seven-story building

The Municipality of Machu Picchu Pueblo, in Cusco, ordered the demolition of a seven-storey building that breaks with the district’s urban parameters, where it can be built up to a maximum of 4 floors.



According to the municipality, the provision was given yesterday after the Judicial Power of Cusco ruled in favor of the commune, as the demolition of the property was judicialized.

“This is the beginning of a series of demolitions of the irregular constructions”, explained the mayor of Machu Picchu, David Gayoso.

The demolition, financed by the own owners of the property, has been carried out in the levels that surpass those admitted by the commune. According to the municipality, this building was built without any license.

Mayor Gayoso also invoked the representatives of the Management Unit of Machu Picchu, the Ministry of Culture, Sernanp, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and other local, regional and national authorities to strengthen their actions in order to achieve urban development in their district, Which is located in the lower part of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

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