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Dora the Explorer will be based in Machu Picchu

The real cut tape Dora, the Explorer, will be based in Peru. This was revealed by Peruvian actress Isabela Moner, who confessed that she would assume it as an opportunity to connect with her Peruvian roots. Moner, whose mother is Peruvian and an American father, revealed to Forbes magazine details about her participation in the film ‘ Dora, the Explorer. He said the story of the tape will have as its core Machu Picchu and will explore the inca culture closely. He also said it was a challenge to learn quechua to play his character. The Peruvian community is going to change! The Adventures of ‘Dora’ will take the public to Machu Picchu, where they will explore the inca culture. I had to learn quechua to talk about it in the movie because ‘Dora ‘ is very cultured and knows everything about everything. In between scenes, I called my great-aunt in Peru to ask her about certain phrases and how to say them in quechua.

I am still trying to understand the fact that Peru is finally being represented largely in Hollywood because it has never done so before. This is going to be huge in every sense of the word,” he added. Isabela said she’s in talks with the director to come to Peru to promote her. “I’ve been trying to talk to the director about having a premiere there because it seems appropriate. If not, I will simply go there (to Peru) when the film is released so that I can do something big, because it will be.

Dora is continuously undertaking trips. Would you like to take part in one of his expeditions? I’m sure you will! Get on one of our beautiful jeep and get into the woods, there are many surprises waiting for you…

The adventure of Dora the Explorer starts in the Big Yellow Station, a striking building that is not more than a construction, yellow in color; is surrounded with flowers, and the fantastic vegetation that makes up the Park of Attractions of Madrid. You’ll see it easily in the NickelodeonLand area. The children and their families count in the attraction with the invaluable help of map, an essential character in the stories of the girl: it is the one who helps her to guide herself on the roads.

Dora the Explorer will be based in Machu Picchu
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