Machu Picchu Pueblo will convert organic waste into fertilizer for agriculture

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The District of Machu Picchu Pueblo will put into operation the first pyrolizadora, a machine that converts organic waste into fertilizer for agriculture, in order to mitigate pollution in the district where Machu Picchu Archaeological Park is located.

He announced that Environmental Management deputy Miguel Atausupa did so, confirming that the three-ton team is already in Machu Picchu and will submit more than six tons of waste to the process from next April to convert it to neutral carbon.

In statements to the Andean agency, he said that the municipality obtained this machine as a donation for efforts and coordination with the groups Inka Terra and La Calera, in order to reduce the organic and solid waste that reaches 12 and 14 tons a day “will not generate pollution in the environment,” he said.

Machu Picchu Village currently has about 5,000 inhabitants, and more than 7,000 with tourists who daily enter the wonder of the world, located in Cusco. On site, restaurants, hotels, fast food facilities and housing are the main generators of waste.

The pirolizadora will be the machine that accumulates all this amount in an infrastructure under construction located near the Puente Ruinas, which according to Mayor Darwin Baca already has the approval of the Ministry of Culture, The National Service of Protected Areas by the Peruvian state (Sernanp) and Ferrocarril Transandino S. A.

The beneficiaries with the fertilizer will be farmers of peasant communities in Machu Picchu Pueblo District, and the secondary objective will be to repotentize the crops.

There is a concern to reduce the impact of garbage in Machu Picchu and to preserve the Archaeological Park without alteration.

It is so also arose the idea of making the oil dirty, which generates the city, such as diesel fuel for engines and glycerin for the cleaning of the streets, however, the job began with the treatment of plastics.

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