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Machu Picchu runs out of electricity after huaico’s fall

Machu Picchu ran out of electric power in Cusco after the fall of a huaico that affected the Egemsa electric substation.

The company providing the electric service indicated that the huaico affected the high and medium voltage lines in the electric station, and other damages have been recorded that are being evaluated.

They also mentioned that a technical team is already working in the area to replenish the service as soon as possible.

Through social networks, locals and tourists request to restore the service as soon as possible, as the batteries of their communication equipment run out and fear being cut off.


EGEMSA are the initials of the Electricity Generation Company Machupicchu SA, which develops activities of generation of electrical energy by means of its facilities located in the South-East of Peru, which are connected to the National Interconnected Electrical System (SEIN), having its headquarters building in the city of Cusco, Archaeological Capital of America.

EGEMSA is a state-owned private-law company that began its operations in 1994, being its main source of generation the Machupichu Hydroelectric Power Plant. Since then it has been consolidated as a company open to technological advancement and supported by the experience of its workers, which has made it one of the main electric power generating companies in Peruvian territory, with great prospects of further expansion in its operations.

Machu Picchu runs out of electricity after huaico’s fall
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