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Machu Picchu is Peru’s main tourist destination and one of the most popular worldwide, receiving every year thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is undoubtedly the most valuable heritage left by the Incas.
The famous citadel was built in the middle of the fifteenth century, at the height of the Inca Empire. It is a spectacular stone building, built under the orders of Emperor Pachacutec and until today, it seems to have not lost a little of the grandeur with which it had in its heyday.

Each year, thousands of tourists come from all over the world, attracted by this spectacular pre-Columbian construction that hides behind its walls the secrets of a glorious empire and through its buildings convey the mystique surrounding the Inca empire building.

While it is the main attraction of the area, the province of Urubamba still has much more to offer its visitors. Very close to the Inca citadel is located the town of Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu village and considered a gateway to the Inca construction. The town has relaxing thermal waters and charming restaurants, comfortable hotels and entertainment centers. Tourists will enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from the top of the summit of Huayna Picchu and visit the beautiful Temple of the Moon, located at the back of this mountain. In middle of the Inca way, there are the remains of Huayna Hiñuay and Intipunku, valuable Inca ruins.

There are three different ways to reach Machu Picchu. The first and most traditional way to get there is by train. This is also the most common choice among tourists who annually visit the Inca citadel. The trip takes about three hours and starts at San Pedro station in Cuzco. The more adventurous can take the second route, which is to explore the famous Inca roads. The total distance to the sanctuary is 39.6 kilometers and is done in several days. Finally, those who wish to considerably shorten the travel time to the Inca citadel can take a helicopter from the “Velasco Astete” airport and get the village of Aguas Calientes in 25 minutes. From there, travelers can reach the Inca site in 30 minutes.

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