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Tourist is severely injured in Machu Picchu

The maintenance and vigilance staff of the decentralized culture of Cusco gave immediate assistance to an American tourist who suffered a serious accident at noon today, Wednesday 17 May, when he returned from Machu Picchu Mountain.

According to the Guards report, the 27-year-old tourist Aneesh Nandam descended from the Machupicchu mountain when he suffered a slip and fell from his back to the ground, rolling several meters along the pedestrian road whose driveway is made of stone. A few meters below was aided by other tourists who made the tour.

Because of the blows, the tourist presented a wound of consideration in the back of the head and bruises on the back, to the point that the shirt that wore was torn.

Watches mens Diter Mancilla, Bertoni Montes, Edwin Huanaco, Roberto Herrera and Baltazar Medrano, who were doing their job in immediate vicinity of the accident site intervened quickly and reported the fact to the Doctor of a particular clinic, who went to the site of the accident and after a review, arranged his transfer to Machu Picchu Pueblo.

Similar to this notice. Salvadoran tourist was hit by train in Machu Picchu

The wounded was transferred in a van of the Machu Picchu National Archaeological Park with the care of the case to Machu Picchu Pueblo and then was embarked in the service of trains to Cusco, in the turn of the 15:40 hours.

Tourist is severely injured in Machu Picchu
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