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Walls of Machu Picchu are obscured by climate change

Machu Picchu’s director, Fernando Astete, will leave office in a few days. From Rome, at a Congress on the conservation of archaeological areas, he spoke about two challenges that the Inca citadel will face in the coming years.

Astete said climate change has had some impact on Machu Picchu’s millennial infrastructure.

“Many of the walls of Machu Picchu have been obscured. As the temperature rises, the flora that was at a lower geographical level Also Rises and settles on the walls, causing a biodeteriore, ” he said in a talk held at the Italian-Latin American Institute (IILA) in Rome.

The director explains that bleaching has been tested with the use of local plants and not with chemicals because the deterioration could be greater.

He also mentioned that the floors of Machu Picchu are affected by the type of shoes that tourists use when walking around.

“When it rains a lot, the ground deteriorates in part because tourists go in Mountain boots. Every 15 days we calculate the level of degradation and bring, in trains, material to repair it. He added that they continue to explore options.

Influx that has not yet reached limit

Another problem is the large number of people who attend the wonder of the world. Fernando Astete mentions that the problem of agglomerations has been solved, but that the limit of visitors has not yet been reached.

“Every day, an average of 4,000 people visit us in an llaqta (ancient Andean village) in which 400 people lived and which was designed, at most, for 1,500 people,” explained the anthropologist Astete.

Walls of Machu Picchu are obscured by climate change
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